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Reliable Residential Ductless Systems Installation in New Orleans with Big Easy HVAC

HVAC systems using ductless mini-splits have a wide range of applications. You can install a single unit in a room or network and many units to create temperature zones across your home. The ductless mini-split has both cooling and heating features.

Working with you to find what’s comfortable for you is our mission at Big Easy HVAC in New Orleans, LA. We have extensive knowledge of HVAC systems. Optimal comfort and convenience in your home are our areas of expertise. So, if you’re prepared to discuss the installation plan of a ductless mini-split system with us, we’re ready to take your call.

What Are Home Ductless Systems in New Orleans

A ductless HVAC system, often known as a mini-split, is a heating and cooling system that provides hot or cold air to one or more rooms without the use of connecting ductwork. Mini split systems are an excellent choice for sunrooms, garages, and spaces that need to be heated or cooled in the house.

HVAC systems using ductless mini-splits have a wide range of applications. You can install a single unit in a room or connect many units to create temperature zones across your home. They have both cooling and heating capabilities. The service team at Big Easy HVAC can assist with the installation, maintenance, and repair of your ductless system in New Orleans, LA.

How Effective Is Ductless Air Conditioning for New Orleans Homes?

For homes or home expansions without existing ductwork, ductless mini-splits work effectively.

  • Energy efficient

A ductless mini-split system enables you to regulate your heating and cooling requirements room-by-room and can reduce your costs for better energy efficiency.

  • Individualized heating and cooling

With this multi-zone HVAC system, you can tailor your home’s cooling and heating requirements for each individual room. Everyone can change the temperature to suit their tastes!

  • No additional ductwork installation

Ductless systems include mini-splits. You can save the expense and inconvenience of installing ducting systems at one time.

  • Added features

Numerous optional features, like quieter operation and technologies that enhance your indoor air quality, are available with our ductless mini-split system options.

What Are The 5 Advantages Of A Ductless Mini Split Installation?

  • A Practical Solution

The HVAC systems that use ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout a building most frequently are central air conditioners and heat pumps.

Due to the absence of ducting, ductless systems are more adaptable than conventional systems. A small outdoor unit, one or more interior units, accessibility to electricity, and a location to mount the units are all that is required. You can install ductless systems in both new and old buildings.

  • Units Are Compact and Flexible

Mini-splits are compact and provide flexible zoning options. Indoor air quality equipment frequently comes in many brands and models.

One outside unit, one compressor/condenser, and many handling/distribution units are linked together. Different separate spaces in your house or place of business can be cooled by the indoor units.

  • An Affordable Option

Numerous factors might cause traditional heating and cooling systems to operate inefficiently, costing you money in wasted energy. Because the actual units are bigger than those in a ductless system, you’ll pay more overall because they use more energy.

Additionally, conditioned air can be drained through ducting gaps before it even reaches its intended location, illuminating yet another instance of wasted energy that you are also charged for.

In addition, a ductless system delivers temperature-controlled air directly into a room as opposed to dispersing it over an entire building. Meaning: lesser funds are spent and less power is required.

  • Better Air Quality

You might be surprised to learn that indoor air generally has less quality than outdoor air. Dust, allergies, germs, and many other pollutants are gathered by ductwork. Air from traditional forced-air systems is circulated throughout your home directly via these impurities.

This kind of air contamination is significantly reduced and a better interior environment is produced by ductless systems’ multi-stage filtering.

  • Units That Are Easy to Install

When compared to other types of home space heating and cooling systems, ductless mini systems are very simple to install. A conduit can be used to connect the interior and outdoor system units by drilling a three-inch hole through the width of the wall.

You can actually install your outdoor unit as far as 50 feet away from the inside unit because we can provide clients with various conduit lengths with our ductless HVAC services in New Orleans.

How Much Are Ductless Heating And Cooling Systems?

Ductless mini split- Big Easy HVACA ductless heating and cooling system, often known as a mini-split, provides zoned cooling, heating, or a mix of the two to your house without the need to build new ductwork. The average cost of a ductless heat pump is $7,500, with prices ranging from $1,200 to $17,000.

The lower pricing level is for single-head systems that require only 15 feet of line and additional installation labor, such as mounting a condensate pump or drilling holes in a house’s woodwork.

The higher end of the price range can include multi-head systems with a little more demanding mechanical and installation specifications, as well as a more durable outside unit supplying power to the numerous inside units.

How Long Do Ductless Systems Last?

Ductless mini-splits can supply both heating and cooling in homes and commercial spaces, and they have a lifespan of 10 to 30 years.

Like any other form of an HVAC system, a ductless air conditioning unit should be maintained by reliable HVAC services annually to function at its optimal condition. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your equipment but also keeps it operating at peak performance.

For Ductless HVAC Installation, Contact Big Easy HVAC

At Big Easy HVAC, we develop and offer solutions to ensure your comfort. One of the most dependable and energy-efficient cooling and heating systems available is a ductless mini-split installation in New Orleans. You won’t often need repairs, but when you do, you can depend on a Big Easy HVAC New Orleans service specialists tea, to quickly get you back to a comfortable home. We service all makes of equipment and provide ductless repairs and replacements in an emergency. Call us today!

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Big Easy HVAC is a company that delivers excellent customer service. They have come out to our home twice and both times were really helpful with repairs as well as seasonal maintenance services such as air conditioner installation or furnace repair! The staff here are professional, considerate people who make sure you’re taken care of before anything else happens.

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They came out to repair my new HVAC system and discovered several issues the other contractor had missed. Corrected the issues. The employees at Big Easy HVAC were very polite and professional. Despite temperatures below freezing a week later, the company still called to ensure everything was functioning properly. This is the company to call for all your HVAC needs!

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