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Home Air Duct: Services for Residential Air Ducts in New Orleans

Air duct systems in New Orleans are an important piece in your home since they are the ones that could control the overall temperature in your residential house since they are connected to the HVAC system.

The HVAC system is a central system that would be able to cool your home during the summer season and warm the air when it is the winter season. The air duct is there to send cool air and warm air throughout your home.

This is the reason why you must maintain your air ducts because these are the vents that bring air into different parts of your home. There are a ton of air duct cleaning services you could get for your home in New Orleans.

Big Easy HVAC is an air duct service contractor in New Orleans. We provide AC installation, repair, maintenance, and other HVAC services to homeowners in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

We are renowned for providing top-quality services to homeowners, ensuring they stay comfortable and safe all year round. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible service, and we always go the extra mile to make sure our clients are happy. Contact us today for a free estimate!

What Can You Do About Leaky Ducts?

An air duct is important for your home, therefore you have to check your system, inspect all of the joints, and check that your air duct is in a good shape. Even though using duct tape to seal leaks in your ducts is a potential solution, it is not recommended and it only serves as a short-term fix for the issue. Calling a professional to fix it for you is the best option.

Residential Air Ducts Services and Maintenance in New Orleans

Air Duct Services

  1. Insulation of Air Duct

    An air duct is a system that is used to distribute conditioned air throughout a house. The conditioned air can be cooled or heated, depending on the season. To maintain comfortable temperatures in your home, it is important to have properly insulated air ducts.

    This will help to keep the temperature of the air inside the ducts consistent, which will in turn help to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. One of the best ways to ensure that your air ducts are properly insulated is to have them professionally cleaned and serviced regularly. At Big Easy HVAC, we can do the insulation for you.

    When we are insulating your air duct, the first thing we are going to have is to check the blower motor speed on your furnace. We could even switch some of the wires around. We could also get the foil tape and tape it along the runs of your duct then get a paintbrush and apply it to the joints where the elbow would connect to the duct.

  2. Testing of Air Duct

    To ensure that your air ducts are functioning properly, it is important to have them tested regularly. One of the best ways to test your air ducts is to hire a professional company that specializes in this type of testing.

    At Big Easy HVAC, we will use special equipment to test the air quality inside your ducts. We will also be able to check for any leaks or other problems that might be causing your air ducts to function improperly. Ideally, we are going to have a technician that is certified that would be looking into it pressure on your air ducts and analyze how much air you are using because of the damage that you have on your ducts.

    After we test your ducts, then that is when we are going to be able to give you the verdict and suggestions on how you could improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

  3. Cleaning of Air Duct

    Air duct cleaning is also one of the services that we could offer. You must remember that cleaning your air ducts is incredibly important because there may be some build-up of all of the dust, mites, and bacteria that are sucked up in your vents and affect your ductwork.

    There are some air duct cleaning facts that you have to remember. The air that is going through the air ducts is the air you breathe in around your home. So it would affect your health and cause some serious and painful nasal conditions and bad sinus problems. At Big Easy HVAC, we offer air duct cleaning which would help avoid that problem.

  4. Indoor Air Quality of Air Duct

    The quality of air for your indoors is incredibly important since this would be able to directly affect your health and the health of everyone living in your home. Working with a professional means that you get to have better indoor air quality when you avail of their service.

Signs You Need an Air Duct Cleaning Service

HVAC system

  1. Clogged Air Filters

    When you notice that your ducts are clogged, then you have to get them cleaned. There may be a deeper problem at hand when there if you keep swapping it from the heating system to the cooling system continuously. There are some services that you could get from professionals to help you with this problem.

  2. Unpleasant Odor Water Damage

    You may notice the unpleasant odor of water damage easily and this problem may be a hard thing to ignore. When this happens, this is a sign that there is debris in your system and you need to get some serious system cleaning for your ventilation to get the smell out.

  3. Poor and Unstable Airflow

    If you notice that there is no consistent airflow that is going in your room, then it is time to go to a professional to help with that. This is one of the usual signs that homeowners look for to know when it is time to call a professional and avail of their services.

  4. Becoming Dusty So Fast

    Cleaning the air duct is something you need to do regularly because it could affect your system. But when you notice that your house becomes so dusty so fast, then you could take that as a sign to garner the services of a professional because the problem is most likely found in the HVAC system instead.

  5. Higher Bills in Heating and Cooling Costs

    Last but not least, one of the signs that you may need to get a cleaning service or help from a professional is when you notice that your heating and cooling bills are so much higher than before despite using it the same way previously.

    There is a chance that the airway and airflow are blocked so getting a cleaning service to help you with that would help in lessening what you are going to have to spend on your bills.

Need Air Duct Service for Your Home in New Orleans?

Though cleaning your air ducts yourself may be an ideal thing to do, there is still going to be this question of whether or not that is the only problem. Seeking help from Big Easy HVAC would not only help you in cleaning your system, but you can find out if there are also some underlying problems as well.

Contact us now! We could give you a free estimate and determine what the problems may be and fix them for you. We also provide other residential HVAC services.

What Our clients Say

We have had a lot of problems with our attic fan and air conditioning this summer. We called Big Easy HVAC on Wednesday, they came by within an hour to check it out and the tech was back at work straight away Friday morning replacing what needed fixing! The service is great. Highly recommend!

Craig Vandeusen

Big Easy HVAC is a company that delivers excellent customer service. They have come out to our home twice and both times were really helpful with repairs as well as seasonal maintenance services such as air conditioner installation or furnace repair! The staff here are professional, considerate people who make sure you’re taken care of before anything else happens.

Joanne Rodriguez

My experience with Big Easy HVAC has been wonderful. The team was quick to come out and fix my air conditioning when it went down, they kept me updated on what needed fixing while doing so! And also pricing things fairly. I will definitely use them again next time around.

Larry Mitchell

The service provided by Big Easy HVAC was extremely professional and prompt. When I initially called for service, I had a leaking air conditioner. My issue was determined to be a plumbing problem by the technician after a further examination. A plumber appointment was scheduled and the issue was resolved at a fair price after he contacted the office.

Christina Lamb

The team was a pleasure to work with! Big Easy HVAC came out and got the job done quickly after we had major problems with our evaporator coil. From the office to sales to techs, it was a great experience! I will definitely call them when issues arise in the future, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable HVAC company!

Marvin Benson

They came out to repair my new HVAC system and discovered several issues the other contractor had missed. Corrected the issues. The employees at Big Easy HVAC were very polite and professional. Despite temperatures below freezing a week later, the company still called to ensure everything was functioning properly. This is the company to call for all your HVAC needs!

Donna Vincent